IBS and tequila

This time we’ll speak about quite an unusual irritable bowel syndrome treatment – about tequila. Yes, tequila! This alcoholic beverage can be used to treat IBS.

It is noteworthy that irritable bowel syndrome has traditionally been viewed as a somewhat frustrating condition by physicians. There’s the lack of precise diagnostic criteria for this gastrointestinal disease. Moreover, there’s no disorder-specific treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. But this frustrating situation is rapidly evolving for the better. Subsequent failures to improve on a reasonable irritable bowel syndrome treatment or the development of other symptoms that are inconsistent with this disease prompted further exploration of diagnostic possibilities. Thus, the evaluation of the patient suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and thie treatment is becoming more and more rationalized.

Taking all this into account, scientist came to the conclusion that one of the natural IBS treatments is the Mexican drink tequila. Though it has not gain a big popularity on the global scale, in fact, it could become a fine agent for preventing of oncology of gastrointestinal tract.

Researchers tested the medical effectiveness of extracts of the fruit which are contained in this drink and concluded, that traditional medicines weakly protect from gastrointestinal diseases, while treatments prepared on the basis of blue agave are can become the most effective remedy against intestinal cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and regional enteritis (a.k.a. Crone’s disease).

But researchers have not come to the unanimous decision about how much it is necessary to drink tequila a day to maintain its medical effect.

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